Monday, September 8, 2008

The Motor is In!

It took most of the afternoon, but the motor is finally in! Everything appears to be aligned and I can spin the motor, so I think it is looking good. I have also bought 2 more batteries and hope to do a quick test spin up this afternoon after classes.
The motor looks so small in the compartment, but it should be able to move the car around since it's a 10 HP continuous motor and I don't plan on taking it past 55 at all. (30-45 MPH is the desired speed)

So here is what I have left:

-Paint rear battery rack and install it

-Design and build motor mount for extra strength

-Design and build front battery rack

-Wire everything up

I am really hoping for a short street test this week, up and down the road on the 36 volts I have.

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