Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I removed the MAXX29 battery pack and the racks for them. The batteries are still in good shape so they were not used as core charge but kept for other use, or I might fine other EV'ers interested in a beginner's pack for cheap change.
My batteries arrived this afternoon!

I didn't really expect my batteries until Friday so I took my time today removing my old batteries and racks. Then I did some homework and got a call that said my batteries were on the way! I still have to secure the new rack to the EV and build new cables. Now that I have the batteries I was able to make the measurements and I will start to cut cables and crimp new connections once I gather my tools to do so.

I am extremely motivated right now and have high hopes of having a test drive by Saturday, maybe even tomorrow afternoon if I get a good start on the cables tonight.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Ready for US Batteries

Today I realized two things: My cables I have need a lot of work to clean up the ends, and that the new US 8VGC XC don't have the SAE posts, but just threaded posts. This means I need to change the ends of my battery lugs, so I ordered up 3/8" lugs and I will check my spare cables to see if I have enough.

I would need at least 12 hours to clean up my current cables, so it might be better to just get new cables and start fresh. I do have a lot of spare cable so I will see how much I have left over. I also have a handful of cables with bad clamps that I will have no problem cutting up and replacing the ends with new lugs. Just more things to do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Slight Change of Plans

Earlier this week I found out that my order from Sam's Club didn't go through, and they didn't even have a record of it so I was going down their today to order when I got one more quote. This is the second quote for US 8VGC XC and it was excellent!

The price is more than the EGC8, but they have a much higher reserve capacity rating and the cost per estimated mile of range is the same. And I get them delivered to my door in a week or two. I am waiting for the final price sheet that I should get tonight and figure out the payments. I really hope to order them this week so I can possibly get them next week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ticking Clock

Today was actually pretty productive for being a day devoted mainly to studying. Last night I received my battery rack all nicely welded much faster than I had expected. I didn't think I would see it for a week, let a lone just a day after it was given to the welder.

Today I got some paint and primer and went to work on the rack. One coat every hour, takes about 5 minutes to apply so not much time at all. I also called up Sam's Club to order 12 of the EGC8 batteries. Walmart/Sam's Club have recently changed over from Exide batteries to Johnson Controls and golfing season hasn't started around here yet so the batteries were not in stock. However, the rep said it shouldn't be a problem to get a fresh pallet of them soon and they have my info so I should get a call when the fresh pallet arrives.

I hope they arrive soon because my clock is ticking, but while I wait I have a box of cables that need cleaning and sanding since they have 10 years worth of corrosion on them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battery Rack 2.0

I finally had time this weekend to actually do something on my EV instead of just driving it. I finalized my battery rack design yesterday and this morning I took my EV out to ACE and picked up the metal and got to work cutting it up. I have it all laid out and my dad will hopefully get a friend to weld it this week. Once I have the rack fully welded I will have to paint it to prevent rusting and then install it.