Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Weeks

I have been commuting for two weeks so far! I have had no real problems, I did have to adjust some controller settings but it has been very reliable and fun to drive! Today I watered the batteries for the first time and only a few cells needed water. I don't think they all came completely topped off at the factory but better safe than sorry. I have only three batteries left to water, I couldn't get to them this afternoon because I didn't have a proper wrench.

The only real things I need to do it get the heater finished and installed, and get a DC/DC converter for my Current meter.

Oh, and I am nearing my 2,000 miles EV mark! 1,913 gas free miles!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have finally started commuting in my EV! 16.7 miles each way with a full charge in between and the EV is working great! I have a few little things left, like replace one of the controller cooling fans and get an isolated DC/DC converter for my AMP gauge.

I have done two days of commuting so far and haven't run into any problems. I usually take it easy, but sometimes I have been pounding the full acceleration to keep the gas guzzling, late-for-work people from trying to run me down at lights.

Oh, and I also like my parking space.