Monday, March 31, 2008


I have started to take a look at the automatic transmission and cleaned it up a bit. These are pics of the transmission and torque converter seperated, then put together. The is another piece of the transmission that is on its way, called the Flex Plate. Its the key to making a proper motor coupling. I have already figured that I need a 15 inch by 15 inch plate for mounting to the transmission. The plate is going to need a cut out so I can access the torque converter. The way the adapter will go is a plate mounted to the motor, then the coupler mounted to the motor shaft. The Flex Plate will then be screwed down to the motor coupling, and then the torque converter will be screwed to the torque conveter. That will then all be connected to the transmission with a few spacers.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Controller Video

So I finally made a video of my prototype controller in action. It has that high pitched sound, but it's only noticeable in the extreme near-stall conditions. I don't think the 2 KHz frequency will be too bad in a vehicle (At least for me). I am working on the PIC controller version, but I really have no exprience with the programming language or interface so it will probably take a while. I am also rather hesistant about using a software controller running my car. Although I am a computer engineer major, I have had many experiences in the past week that dealt with microcontrollers and other programmable devices that went bad. (For instance my iPod crashed and took my car battery with it- not a good Monday morning for me)

I also am now in possesion of an Automatic Transmission from a 1997 Honda Civic LX so I can start my adapter designing! I am draining all the fluids from it before I bring it into the house, but there will be pictures of the transmission, torque converter and my adapter idea.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Motor Adapter

So I have decided that I would get the motor and adapter plate before I rip my car apart to get the conversion going faster. So I put a want add for a dead auto tranny on Craigslist and it was responded to in 20 mins. Tomorrow I am going to check it out and pick it up. I also found a machine shop in my town, and my hope is to bring them the motor and dead transmission to build an adapter system. Then I can take it and place it in my car when it is time. This is the part I think will take the longest, but if it's done before I even start, the conversion will go quickly!! (And then I can officially declare I have started)

I still haven't made a video yet of the controller in action, but this weekend I will get the battery all charged up and some motor action. And some pics of the tranny and motor design.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I did a bench test this morning before the Easter traveling to family, and it was a complete success! I setup my K99-4007 on a bench, strapped it down, plugged in a 12 volt deep cycle for the motor power and three 9 volts in series for the controller power. Then I hooked up the potentiometer (from Radio Shack since I haven't added the third wire to the PB5 Throttle) and a meter to the shunt output and got some readings. The frequency is audible since its only 2 KHz, but every thing works perfectly. The motor pulled 22 AMPs to start using the 12 volt deep cycle, then it went down to 17 AMPs once is was spinning. I'll have to make a video and post it.

I also going to redesign the casing for it. I don't think the plastic box will take the temperatures when it's in the car, so thats going to be interesting. I have a metal box that is being given to me this week that will do the job I hope.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ahh, Vacation!!

I am in the middle of spring break and today I decided to go forth and replenish my supply of parts. I emptied out two Radioshacks of their high wattage PNP and NPN transistors, got another voltage regulator and some pc boards. Since one of the Radio Shacks was on the same route that I would take to school in my EV, since it's back roads, I decided to travel it and take note of the hills and speed limits. The speed limit averaged about 35 MPH, some places were 45 MPH but no one ever did that speed, probably since it's freezing rain right now. I was going 25 to 35 MPH and no one seemed to care, so I should be set driving my EV at low speeds for optimal range. I did, however, encounter three decent sized hills, each lasting about 25 seconds at 30 MPH. But on the way down, I managed to glide about a mile or so before needing to increase my speed again. My destination is 16.4 miles away, and my current calculation show I should be able to do 17.4 miles to 50% DOD and I do plan on charging at school for a fully charged pack for the way home.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Still Here.....

It's been almost a month since I have posted anything, and I have been busy. Mostly school related, but anyways 98% of the controller is done. I just need a few more transistors, and this thing is ready to go! I also recieve a few of my PIC controllers so in the next few months I will be figuring out how they work, and how to program them. The pictures is what my controller looks like right now. I have a water cooling heat sink since it's the only thing I have right now, but it might be useful and if I connect a pump to it, I should be able to use the Civic's existing radiator to cool it. The radiator will be staying since it's needed for the tranny. Those two large wires just need to be screwed to the IGBT and I need to finish the IGBT driver and it should be set for testing. I have another casing that I might use and make some cleaner cut slots for the copper busses that are the B+, B- and M-. The back section has the connectors for the 24V power of the controller circuitry, Throttle Input and the shunt measurement. My 50o AMP shunt is built into the controller as a key part of the current limiting, but I added the wires so one can hook up a volt meter or 50mv ammeter to see whats happening.