Friday, March 28, 2008

Motor Adapter

So I have decided that I would get the motor and adapter plate before I rip my car apart to get the conversion going faster. So I put a want add for a dead auto tranny on Craigslist and it was responded to in 20 mins. Tomorrow I am going to check it out and pick it up. I also found a machine shop in my town, and my hope is to bring them the motor and dead transmission to build an adapter system. Then I can take it and place it in my car when it is time. This is the part I think will take the longest, but if it's done before I even start, the conversion will go quickly!! (And then I can officially declare I have started)

I still haven't made a video yet of the controller in action, but this weekend I will get the battery all charged up and some motor action. And some pics of the tranny and motor design.

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