Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Still Here.....

It's been almost a month since I have posted anything, and I have been busy. Mostly school related, but anyways 98% of the controller is done. I just need a few more transistors, and this thing is ready to go! I also recieve a few of my PIC controllers so in the next few months I will be figuring out how they work, and how to program them. The pictures is what my controller looks like right now. I have a water cooling heat sink since it's the only thing I have right now, but it might be useful and if I connect a pump to it, I should be able to use the Civic's existing radiator to cool it. The radiator will be staying since it's needed for the tranny. Those two large wires just need to be screwed to the IGBT and I need to finish the IGBT driver and it should be set for testing. I have another casing that I might use and make some cleaner cut slots for the copper busses that are the B+, B- and M-. The back section has the connectors for the 24V power of the controller circuitry, Throttle Input and the shunt measurement. My 50o AMP shunt is built into the controller as a key part of the current limiting, but I added the wires so one can hook up a volt meter or 50mv ammeter to see whats happening.

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