Sunday, March 23, 2008


I did a bench test this morning before the Easter traveling to family, and it was a complete success! I setup my K99-4007 on a bench, strapped it down, plugged in a 12 volt deep cycle for the motor power and three 9 volts in series for the controller power. Then I hooked up the potentiometer (from Radio Shack since I haven't added the third wire to the PB5 Throttle) and a meter to the shunt output and got some readings. The frequency is audible since its only 2 KHz, but every thing works perfectly. The motor pulled 22 AMPs to start using the 12 volt deep cycle, then it went down to 17 AMPs once is was spinning. I'll have to make a video and post it.

I also going to redesign the casing for it. I don't think the plastic box will take the temperatures when it's in the car, so thats going to be interesting. I have a metal box that is being given to me this week that will do the job I hope.

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