Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ahh, Vacation!!

I am in the middle of spring break and today I decided to go forth and replenish my supply of parts. I emptied out two Radioshacks of their high wattage PNP and NPN transistors, got another voltage regulator and some pc boards. Since one of the Radio Shacks was on the same route that I would take to school in my EV, since it's back roads, I decided to travel it and take note of the hills and speed limits. The speed limit averaged about 35 MPH, some places were 45 MPH but no one ever did that speed, probably since it's freezing rain right now. I was going 25 to 35 MPH and no one seemed to care, so I should be set driving my EV at low speeds for optimal range. I did, however, encounter three decent sized hills, each lasting about 25 seconds at 30 MPH. But on the way down, I managed to glide about a mile or so before needing to increase my speed again. My destination is 16.4 miles away, and my current calculation show I should be able to do 17.4 miles to 50% DOD and I do plan on charging at school for a fully charged pack for the way home.

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