Friday, February 22, 2008


I am really starting to get sick of this snow. It just keeps on coming!

The prototype controller is almost ready for serious testing! The snow has prevented me from going down the Radio Shack to purchase the final parts for the current limiting circuit and IGBT driver. The IGBT requires a dedicated driving circuit, whereas the MOSFETS were fine running of the 555 timer chip. I am building two seperate motor drive sections, the IGBT veriosn and MOSFET version. I am curious to see which one is more efficient. The MOSFETS are easier to control, but the IGBT is much more easy to place in a package.

This simple prototype is running at a mere 2KHz so it's quite audible, but I am figuring out how to increase this to 15kHz, but so far no luck. I hope to have a few PIC controllers, but I have no idea when or if the free samples will come in.

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