Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All Fired Up!

Well, I have put most of the MOSFET parts together, and did a very succesful test run. My test PWM is based of of a 555 timer, and I have a low frequency so there is a motor squeal, but that should change soon. I have ordered a few PIC controllers that have all the features I could want, and they were cheap. Actually, they were free samples and I ordered as many as it allowed me too. I also got a 1200Volt 300AMP IGBT for added fun.

Lets get to my picture. I have my K99-4007 on the table on the right my PWM circuit and MOSFETs on the table on the left, my 5K pot throttle on the wood stump and at the bottom, my ancient crappy 12 Volt Deep Cycle that has barely enough life leftto run this test. I only have 10 of my 20 MOSFETs hooked up since this is a basic test.

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