Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I removed the MAXX29 battery pack and the racks for them. The batteries are still in good shape so they were not used as core charge but kept for other use, or I might fine other EV'ers interested in a beginner's pack for cheap change.
My batteries arrived this afternoon!

I didn't really expect my batteries until Friday so I took my time today removing my old batteries and racks. Then I did some homework and got a call that said my batteries were on the way! I still have to secure the new rack to the EV and build new cables. Now that I have the batteries I was able to make the measurements and I will start to cut cables and crimp new connections once I gather my tools to do so.

I am extremely motivated right now and have high hopes of having a test drive by Saturday, maybe even tomorrow afternoon if I get a good start on the cables tonight.

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