Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ticking Clock

Today was actually pretty productive for being a day devoted mainly to studying. Last night I received my battery rack all nicely welded much faster than I had expected. I didn't think I would see it for a week, let a lone just a day after it was given to the welder.

Today I got some paint and primer and went to work on the rack. One coat every hour, takes about 5 minutes to apply so not much time at all. I also called up Sam's Club to order 12 of the EGC8 batteries. Walmart/Sam's Club have recently changed over from Exide batteries to Johnson Controls and golfing season hasn't started around here yet so the batteries were not in stock. However, the rep said it shouldn't be a problem to get a fresh pallet of them soon and they have my info so I should get a call when the fresh pallet arrives.

I hope they arrive soon because my clock is ticking, but while I wait I have a box of cables that need cleaning and sanding since they have 10 years worth of corrosion on them.

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