Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Update

So I am feeling the pressure from my family to get this EV going soon, and my custom controller is taking way too long so I have started searching Craigslist for a cheap 48 volt controller just to get the EV moving. I have had a few hits, and the lastest sound promising so we will see.

As for my own controller design, I have my current sensors arriving today and I am still working out a few problems in my design. The design itself looks fine, but the 15 volt source I need doesn't. I was going to use a LM317T adjustable voltage regulator, but it is only 1.5 AMPs max and my math says I need at least 4.5 AMPS for the IGBT driver.

I have a computer gig to do this afternoon, so hopefully that will pay for the temporary controller.

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