Friday, September 5, 2008

Plates Drilled

So I have all the holes for the plates done, and all that is left is a few cuts for the transmission mount and one of the drive axles. The plates are bolted to my transmission template and I had an alignment problem, but I fix it by adjusting one of my spacer pieces.
Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and storm like crazy, so I am going to get my batteries and build my EPS grid (electric power system) that contains the starting relays, precharge resistor, circuit breaker and other low power + saftey features. And get the plates completely cut would be great so that part is done.
My rear battery rack has also been welded and I hope to mount it soon. This storm (Hanna) really ruins my installation weekend. I was hoping to get in a test drive on 60 volts on Sunday afternoon. (With the rear rack installed and 5 batteries)

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