Saturday, September 27, 2008

Some Changes

I have decided to add a PayPal Donations button to my blog. I thought about doing it months ago, but had no real need until recently. My search for a decent temporary controller has been a bust, and my homemade controller is running into supply problems. That, and college classes take up most of my time and I have been draining away what cash I had left for the temporary controller to gas. :(

So I have decided to start to save up for a 96 volt controller that will meet my needs until my homemade controller is complete. I need about $600 for a Kelly KDH096400 96 Volt 400 AMP controller, so I am hoping anyone out there willing to spare a few bucks will.

I am also long overdue for come pictures of the rear battery rack and the front motor mount, so I will try and take some if the rain ever stops.

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