Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Batteries

OK, so now I have a total of 6 of my batteries. Yesterday I also did quite a bit of useful testing, and one of those test told me that I need the motor mount before I can even think of a road test. I had to jack the transmisson and motor up so that it was level, or else it wouldn't spin up at all. I then did some useful motor/controller tests and came to the conclusion that the transmission uses 480 watts to idle. I also painted my rear rack, and tomorrow I will put another coat of paint to finish it off.

Today is a wasted day because 1)- It's raining and 2)- I am in classes until 9:00 tonight.

Tomorrow I plan on painting the rear rack, buy the materials for the front motor mount, and mount two 12 volt fans to the controller. During my test, it got warm to the touch pulling 25-45 AMPs, so more cooling would be nice.

And on the topic of controllers, my second gen microproccessor controller is in the works with so many nice features. I have an IGBT driver on the way that is compatible with it, and I also am going to order an isolated current sensor. And I have also solve my heat problem in the EV. I have a water cooling system for my IGBT, and I am going to use it on the second gen controller, and route the water through the exsiting heating system. It should be up in the 90-150F range, so plenty of warmth for defrosting the windows. I also am trying to integrate the status display into this edition of the controller.

My hope is that I can build a successful, powerful controller that I could put into production in a few years, after gathering data and abusing it to the best of my ability. My hope is to eventually have a controller that can be programmed for specific motors and battery sizes, as to maximize range and performance.

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