Friday, September 12, 2008


So yesterday I got the wheel unstuck but pushing the car down the driveway. It worked really well, but the brakes still stick a little. I also designed and cut out the front motor mount and it went to the welder this morning and I hope to get it back tonight.

The rear battery rack has both coats of paint on it and is all dry and ready to be installed. I also made a test cable yesterday, and will make the rest up today. Before I mount the rear battery rack, I am going to do a test fit to make sure all 5 batteries fit.

I also have to adjust my controller battery current limiting from 500 amps to 250 amps for many reasons, but one is that if I don't, the controller can be called the EgoBuster. Set at 500 amps and you step on the pedal, the 250 amp breaker would blow before the current limiting kicked in, and that would make anyone's ego bust up. I can just picture going for my test run and stepping on the throttle to see what my controller can do, and blowing the breaker before I go anywhere!

So what's left:
-Install motor mount
-Make cables
-Install Rear Battery tray
-design and install front battery tray
-Make one last modification to my controller

Drive it. If I can get the front motor mount welded today, I can wire up the rear batteries and do a 60 volt street test!

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