Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well I am not done with my EV yet, but I have been searching for a larger motor and faster charger. And this week I hit the jackpot! I found someone who was selling a stripped out Chevy S-10 conversion and I got the following:

Advanced DC FB1-4001A Motor
4/0 Gauge Cabling with lugs already installed
Curtis 900R 120 Volt Fuel Gauge
Curtis DC-DC Converter 120 volt input 300 Watts
K&W BC-20 Battery Charger with LB-20 Line booster
Albright Contactors, 200 AMPs and 100 AMPs
Chevy S-10 Transmission with Motor Coupling and Adapter plate
Volt/AMP meters and Shunts

The FB1-4001A is much more powerful than my K99-4007. It also weighs 150 LBs vs 54 LBs, so it's a beast. This motor is normally used in large trucks and should give excellent performance in my Civic and hills should be no problem. I bought this as a lot and only plan on using the motor, charger and cabling. I am going through my options, but I plan on selling the Chevy S-10 motor adapter and coupling, the DC-DC and fuel gauge because the won't work in my 96 volt system.

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