Monday, January 5, 2009

New Headlights

I've been busy with the holidays, but I do have progress. My new headlights arrived and I spent about 2 hours installing them.

I had to remove the front bumper to get the old one's off.

In this pic I have the old headlights in the front and the new ones in the rear. There is a huge difference in them.

Now the car looks really good, and almost new car looking. I even relocated the rope that was holding the power steering/AC pumps so it is no longer visable on the outside.

Tomorrow I am going for the inspection. I have everything in order and the car is on the charger getting topped off. I am taking a more high speed route to the inspection station this time to keep the motor RPMs up. I did some testing this past weekend and I was able to climb probably the largest hill in my travels and it held at the speed limit, so I have no worries at the moment. Everything I drive the EV, the brushed wear in more and so do the batteries and I get increased performance. Hopefully tomorrow I can claim my EV is totally legal, just in time for my PakTrakr to arrive, which is also due tomorrow.

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