Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been gathering a good amount of driving data over the past week and tomorrow I will be going to another run to confirm a theory I have, and then post the data.

But I have run into a little snag for my charging. While my battery box isn't done yet, I have temporarily taken up the rear seat with all my chargers so I can charge at night. That is where things get messy. We only have one exterior plug, and it's on the Lamp Post that is powered by switch. Well, it's real easy to forget the EV is charging and someone flips the switch off, and completely messes up the charging. So I have to get a special exterior plug installed outside that isn't connected to any switch.
Tomorrow I am hoping to go for another drive and this time take the video camera along for it. I am going to retrace the route I took on today's test run, but this time take a different return trip that avoids a large hill that I choked on today, and got my motor rather toasty. I am hoping this alternate route keeps the motor cooler and will result in an increase of range. If anything else, I will get a real EV driving video to show off!

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