Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Legal!

I got my EV inspected today and it passed! It was actually more of a learning trip than I expected. I took the main roads and found I could now get up to 40 MPH in second gear and I was able to pull 190 AMPs from the pack when accelerating. My batteries and motor are slowly breaking in, and at the current rate it will take another 15-20 trips to get the full potential out of the system. I had to go to two inspection stations. The first station on inspected class A vehicles, AKA normal ICE vehicles, so I was sent away to another station which was down the street.

The next station was fine with the conversion. They were really interested with it and even stuck the EV on the lift to take a look at every angle of it. I got my inspection sticker and I went on my way. I didn't charge the EV this morning so the cold night sucked away power, but I still had plenty and I went on doing driving places I normally would just fine.

This is a big EV moment. My sticker saying it's legal!

My PakTrakr also came in just as I came home and finished hooking up my chargers for the day. I have to read the directions and figure out how to I am going to install it on the dash. The weather in the coming days is supposed to be awfl, but I have the battery box to finish along with the blower cooler.


Vegan said...

I'm sitting here biting my nails, waiting for the announcement.
You did it!
this marks the beginning of my project, just a few towns over.
Talk to you soon...

Justin Sawell said...


Well done indeed!

Fredrik said...

Very nice job! Hoping to post the same post in a couple of years. ;)

Rahul Mehlawat said...

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