Saturday, January 10, 2009

The PakTrakr

I installed my PakTrakr this week and started using it.

The PakTrakr is connected to every battery in my pack and monitors them. I am able to see the entire pack voltage, the voltages of each individual battery and the total state of charge of the pack. It even has temperature readings and will alert you when the pack is below 30% and if there are any problems with any batteries, it will report them.

I am also going to adjust more controller settings. I should be able to to get at least 35 HP from my setup, but I am only getting 24 HP max. I have determined my controller is limiting me, so I have to continue to adjust settings. I am going to go through and change one setting at a time, starting with adjusting the Throttle Ramp to off. Right now the controller ramps up the voltage as I accelerate, which ends up slowing my acceleration. I thinks it's also affecting my hill performance.

I have also started to drive the EV around town. It was really nice being able to do normal things gas free. I have done most of my errands and jobs this week with the EV, and on the few occasions I didn't I felt guilty. I have only done one complete charge in the past two weeks because the battery box is not complete yet, so I have to set the chargers on the driveway. Tomorrow it's going to snow like crazy and my hope is to finish the box. Once this box is in place I will be able to charge the EV everynight.

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