Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Battery

I have bought my first out of the eight EV batteries. It's a Walmart MAXX29 12 volt 125Ah deep cycle that has shown great promise so far. It was manufacted this month (May 2008) and was fully charged when I bought it. I hooked it up to my controller and motor and it ran great and was still fully charged after 20 minutes of playing with it. My last battery barely lasted 5 mins on testing and completely gave out after 15 mins so this is a great upgrade. 96 volts 125 Ah will give a 12 KWh pack of batteries. I hope to be getting some more in the coming weeks while I am still getting my adapter plate and coupler made. I may order the raw materials this week so I can attempt to lay everything out so the ready for a quick machining.

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