Sunday, June 8, 2008

More Summer Heat

I actually did some work on the car today, but not the kind I was really looking forward too. We had a few parties and events today and the windows decided the completely fail in between them, rolled down. I spent a good chunk of this afternoon trying to find the problem and get them closed before it rains later. The wire harness from the door to the car is pretty shot and the grounding wire is no longer connected so all the control for the power windows failed. I took apart the door control panel and connected a wire from the panel to the battery ground, started the car up and managed to close the windows. I should have taken some pictures, but dark clouds were coming and it slipped my mind. They still do not function and I really can't fix it until I take the car apart since part of the dash probably has to come out. At least they are now closed and I know the exact problem with them. I am going to do some more research and read through the factory manual to figure out the best way to repairs the whole wire harness.

I am also learning to program my PIC microprocessors so I can make a more advanced controller. Right now I have a motor that can accept 96 volts and nothing higher. My more advanced design will have the ability to limit to output voltage, so I can set it to output no more than 96 volts, but allow for battery packs up to 156 volts. This would allow my to make my 96 volt system and if I find the range isn't enough or I want more, all I have to do is add another battery until I reach 156 volts.

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