Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Ready!

Ok, so I have the accesories motor, which is a 1.5 HP @96 volt motor that will be used to run the power steering and the air conditioning. I also have my two contactors that will be the main power switch for the EV. I have some 10 gauge wire that will be used to provide the logic power to my controller (24volts) and also to be used for the contactors.

My coupler is almost ready to be machined. I had to go back and make the drawings more detailed, and to make things go quickly the machine shop will only do the coupler and I will drill the plates myself. Tomorrow they should get the new drawings and it shouldn't take them too long to machine it up. If I am lucky, they can do it tomorrow and Friday.
Oh, yes I almost forgot. I have also ordered my last important part, the circuit breaker. I have a 125 volt 250 AMP circuit breaker on the way that will be my main safety feature and will also be my second cut-off switch next to my contactors. I chose a circuit breaker over fuses because my controller is expermiental and I really can't afford to be cooking fuses like crazy if anything goes crazy.

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