Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Raw Materials

Now I am making the final measurements before I purchase all the the aluminum and stainless steel for my adapter system. I am figuring out the best way to piece the system together and keep the costs down. Hopefully I will have everything set and I will purchases the metal tonight. I decided to make the plates my self and to get the coupler machined and I should be getting it machined for a good price.

I also have acquired all the heavy gauge cabling! It was great actually, I was mowing the lawn and found a spool of heavy gauge wire behind the shed that my dad put there a few years ago because he had gotten it and had no use for it. There is over 40 Ft of 3/0 gauge equivalent wire and it should be all the wire I need. This is about a $200 savings so I am psyched!

Update: I have ordered all of my aluminum plates, spacers and the stainless steel piece that will be used for my coupler. All I have to do is wait for the pieces to come in and find a machinist for the coupler. I have e-mail a few and they either did not return my e-mail, or are booked until mid July which is too long for me.


Justin Sawell said...

Such good news regarding progress...I hope the coupler doesn't give you any trouble!

I wouldn't rely on email to contact the machinists. In Brisbane, most of these guys don't check their email or wouldn't know how to click the "reply" button. If you pick up the phone, you're likely to get a much better response. :)

David Harrington said...

I am considering using the phone once I get my metal in, which should be around next Friday.