Monday, June 30, 2008


Very good news, I finally found a machine shop to machine my coupler! I am going over the finer detials with them and got a really good price. I hope to be able to drop off the components before I leave on vacation so they can work on it when they get the time. Tomorrow I am going to call them and see if that works for them.

My circuit breaker came in today. It's an AirPax 250 AMP 125 Volts DC breaker that is massive. It came in a huge packing box, but it great condition. I bought it off eBay for $20, which is a steal. It was brand new, surplus and measures 10.5 inched in length.

I have also done a nice high voltage test with my controller using DeWalt batteries in series. I had 66 volts and it worked great. I used a weed whacker motor and took a video of it, but for some reason it is having a hard time uploading.

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Justin Sawell said...

$20...well done, my man! Bargain.