Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back From Vaca!

During my vacation I came to a realization that I have designed every aspect of my conversion, from the controller to the adpater plates and I overlooked the most important thing: The on switch.

So I have designed up a circuit that will use relays to turn on the 24 volts to the controller, the 48 volts to the contactors, a few fuses for them and an interlock relay so when the car is plugged in it can't be turned on and driven away.

On Monday I am going to call the machine shop again to see if they can make the coupler this week. They were busy before I went on vacation and I never got around to calling them and dropping off the components before I left.

As for the car gutting, there is still 3/4 of a tank left so we are going to drive it until its empty, try to find a place to steam clean the engine compartment and hopefully start the gutting on Saturday.

And finally I have gotten my controller test video up! It's running off the DeWalt batteries for a total of 66 volts (some cells are shot), and using a tiny weed whacker motor that was made for a much lower voltage, but serves it's purpose of a low-amp tester.

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