Friday, July 25, 2008

Destruction Day Two

The weather cooperated today, but I spent most of it shopping for home construction materials and sockets for my conversion. But I did take out a few more small items and drained the oil and most of the antifreeze. The main reason for the slow progress is because I was trying to take things apart slowly and carefully so I can put them back together after the left the engine compartment. The keyword is WAS. After about 4 hours of slow progress I realized that these ICE components probably wouldn't sell anyways because they have 243,000 miles on them! The engine needs a timing belt, oil pan gasket and a general tune up, but who knows how long it will actually last, so I decided to just rip out the engine and related components and sell them as a pile of Civic Parts. And if they don't sell, I will just junk them.

Tomorrow I will drain the last antifreeze bolt and rip out the engine tubing and hoist out the engine. It should go much faster now that I have decided to just junk the engine and tear it out.

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