Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Update

My coupler should be done midweek, which is great news. I also hope to start gutting the Civic, but the weather is not cooperating. Today I cleaned the car out and there is a very small amount of gas left, so I am ready.

I have also took the time to go back and learn some more PIC Programming. I have found a few tools to help me along, and I will be able to make a decent programmable controller. I am thinking of getting an LCD display to use with it and have a monitoring system. One feature I plan on making is an Economy/Performance button. The Economy mode will have a low current limit to lower battery consumption and the Performance will raise the current limit to increase acceleration. The Ecomony Mode will probably have a current limit of 100 AMPS from the batteries, limiting the motor to about 10 HP, and the Performance Mode will limit the current to 300 AMPs, or 35 HP.

I am going to have to design this on paper to make programming easier. I have been doing some programming, but a visual drawing with the features, ports and limits would make it quicker. And maybe a larger protoboard for testing.

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