Friday, May 23, 2008

Progress Update

Ok, so I have some more progress. I have made the modifications to my controller and added the connection panel so I can connect the throttle and power to the controller. I am in need of a new battery to do anymore testing, but using small motors and power sources everything seemed to work. It also has this safety feature that if the current sensing fails, the controller stops the motor. It will probably always be a work in progress, but this should get the car moving. I also bumped it up from 250 amps to the full 500 amps. So now its a 24 to 156 volt 500 AMP controller.

I have also started my templates and hope to bring them to a shop next week and see what they can do. This is really a concept template because I don't have the tools to properly make them, and the shop will use its own equipment and scan in the measurements to a computer and CNC mill out the plate. I do have the designs for the coupling done and will be bringing those along as well. My 7/8 taper hub piece should help make the coupler real simple since last time I went over there we spent about an hour trying to figure out the coupler because they didn't have the machine to make the key way and all the lovejoy couplers out there didn't have enough strength to survive the torque of the motor.

I will not be working on the car this weekend since I will be spending it in the middle of nowhere fishing on a well earned vacation trip.

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DaMenaCe said...


would you happen to have schematics for the controller?? i am loving your idea and i was wondering if i can assemble one of mine if you dont mind sharing the schematics.