Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost Time to Get Serious!

I have a day left of finals, then I can make haste on this project. Gas is up to $3.85 as of yesterday and I done my last fill up of the semester. The past two weeks have been all school related, end of the year stuff so I have virtually no time to work on the car. I have, however, made a few changes to my controller design and next week I hope to make up the new board and test it. So here is my list of things to do before I start tearing apart:

- Finish adapter plate and coupler templates
- Get adapter plate and coupler machined (Bring motor, transmission tempates to the shop)
- Make final modifications to controller
- Create wiring diagrams
- Clean the interior and wash the car

Once I recieve my adapter plate and coupler from the machine shop, I will start the remove all the ICE parts and sell them. I am hoping that selling the engine and other gas related parts will buy a good chunk of my battery pack.

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