Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend Fun

This weekend I got a lot of things done that have been on my list. First I installed a charging port in the old gas cap location. Here it is, and the odd shape is for the special plug already connected to the charger.
I also configured the K&W BC-20 for 96 volts and tried it out. So far so good, but I need to make a water proof box because this charger is setup to be on off board charger. It was setup this way when I bought it, and I decided to keep it that way.

I also installed the PakTrakr into the dash. It previous sat on the passenger's seat, and it was always in the way when I took someone for a ride, or picked up someone.

I redid my battery pack wiring with the new 2/0 gauge cables I got with the lot I purchased that included the charger, motor, meters, etc. I cleaned up the connections and they fit perfectly. The battery pack is much cleaner now and is presentable.

The last thing I did was work on the FB1-4001A. I had to adjust the timing from CCW to CW. I also greased up the bearings and the next thing I need to do is check the brushes and use the brush stone to reseat them.
I haven't driven the EV this past weekend because of all the work I was doing on it. I probably won't be able to work on it until Friday or this weekend, but I intend to contact the machine shop about getting the new plates made for this motor.


Justin Sawell said...

You really-really need to work on that sticker inside the gas cap.

Anyone following those instructions is going to be in deep trouble!! :)

Something like "Electrons Only" ???

Seriously though, that's looking great. The PakTrakr looks nice and professional there on the dash.

David Harrington said...

You know I didn't even notice that stupid sticker? It's snowing now, but once it stops I am tearing that thing off!

I took the EV for a drive today and notice my PakTrakr is going all over the place, so I need to get EMI Chokes to help with interference. I made an extension cable and placed the remotes closer to the batteries.

Justin Sawell said...

What did you use for your blower? It looks a bit like a hair dryer but is it something I can buy off the shelf? Are they supplied my the motor manufacturer?

I'm thinking of putting a bonnet scoop on my Pulsar and linking up the silver hose from that to the blower and into the motor.

David Harrington said...

It's a 3"x3" 12 volt blower I got off eBay. It was designed to cool braking system for NASCAR, but does wonder to little series wound motors.

I needed it to keep the little sucker cool, but the 9" shouldn't need one since it's designed for the AMPs.

hou said...

Seriously though, that's looking great. The PakTrakr looks nice and professional there on the dash.
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