Friday, February 6, 2009

Parts Cleanup

I have been busy over the past few weeks, but I have done a few things. I have been working on my K&W BC-20 Charger and have rewired and reprogrammed it. This weekend I have a few things on my list, first I want to get the blower installed so I can attempt a longer run on Sunday. I am also finally bringing the new FB1-4001A in the house to clean it up, adjust the timing and reset the brushes. It's been sitting for 7 years so it needs to be reconditioned, and working on it in 20F weather is pretty bad, so the basement will become it's new home.

I have over 53.9 logged EV miles, with full stats on a XLS file. The farthest I have taken the EV is 7.6 miles, and on Sunday I am going to attempt a 10.5 mile trip. I have done 13 runs, and I have gathered some interesting data. For instance, I saw a 20% increase in estimated range when I increased the tire pressure from 27 PSI to 38 PSI. I am going to bump it up to 40 PSI and see what that does. I am also noticed a very direct link between performance and time off the charger. For instance if I drive right off the charger, acceleration is decent and overall power is much better than if I let the EV sit for a few days. I believe the cold weather is a big power sucker, and this weekend will be a good test about that since it is supposed to be over 50F.

I have ordered up the new hub insert for my coupling that fits the FB1-4001A and I am planning the next stages of the upgrades. Once my insert comes in, I am going to contact the machine shop and find if if they are available to make the new plates for a decent price. I can do them myself, but I don't want the EV off the road for a while.

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Zain said...

you explain so well that it feels like I am watching everything done with you.