Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's All About Efficiency

Ok, so here are the pics of the blower:
The blower has been working nicely, but I still need the bigger one! Going through the motor data, I have found that the K99-4007 is only 73-78% efficient at the RPMs I am using it at. Pretty dismal, and a good reason why range or power isn't great. The FB1-4001A is 89% efficient at the same RPMs, so it should be giving me about a 16% increase in range, and twice the performance.

My new coupling hub has arrived along with a pulley for the rear shaft. Now I can get to contacting the machine shop about the new plates.

I have also completed an 11.4 mile run on a single charge, but I have discovered two bad batteries. They sag much lower than the others, and also have a lower charge after a full charge cycle. After the run, the PakTrakr read 21% remaining! That is way under my estimates and after checking voltages, 6 of them read 50% or more, and the two bad ones read very low. So now I have to remove the two bad batteries, but first I am going to check the water levels before doing anything drastic. But to get at them, I have to redo all the cabling, so I will install my new cable and try to get the PakTrakr and AMP meter installed properly.

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