Monday, March 2, 2009

Motor Prep

While things have been busy, I have found the time to contact the machine shop and get ready for the new plates. This past weekend was spent finalizing the drawings for the new plates and prepping the motor for installation. I still have my spare transmission I used for making the first plates, so I will use that again. The machine shop will get the FB1-4001A, the spare A4RA Automatic Transmission and the coupling.

It's snowing like crazy now, but later in the week I will be removing the K99-4007 from the Civic and getting out the coupling to give to the machine shop. The Civic should only be off the road for 1 or 2 weeks while the new plates are being made, then I will install it during Spring break. I also plan on finalizing the hood section of the EV, with an aluminum mounting board and splash protection for the components.

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