Saturday, March 14, 2009

Break Time

I am on Spring Break this week so I should be able to work on the little things on the EV. The FB1-4001A, transmission and related parts have been dropped off at the machine shop and I should be contacted this coming week with a quote on it. So I probably won't be installing the motor this week, but I have a load of other things to do. They include the following:
  • Rebuild Control Board on steel plate
  • Install DC/DC converter
  • Wire LCD AMP Meter
  • Make metal battery straps
Of course who knows how much I will actually get done. I have been setting goals, and to be realistic, my goal is about one of those a day. Instead of "getting it done" I will get little things done, one at a time, and eventually it will be "Done".

I have decided to use a DC/DC converter in my EV since the AUX 12 volt just isn't up to the task for very long. I actually got a DC/DC converter with my big lot of EV parts, but it was for 120/140 volt EVs. I actually tried to sell it, and instead got an offer to trade it for a similar DC/DC converter designed for a 96 volt system! PERFECT! It should arrive on Wednesday according to FEDEX, and then I will be able to actually drive my EV at night! The 12 volt battery isn't powerful enough to run everything, including headlights at night. Headlights were actually designed to run at 13.5-14.5 volts, not 12 volts. And they are VERY DIM at 12 volts.

Meanwhile, I have been cleaning up the basement and taking an inventory of EV parts left over. I have quite a substantial amount, almost enough for a full EV conversion, like a motorcycle, VW Bug or a Geo Metro. While the ADC K99-4007 worked in my EV, it would be much better in a Bug or Metro that is 1,000 lbs lighter and with a manual transmission to keep the RPMs higher.

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