Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Metal Mayhem

I admit, I have been slacking in my updating of this site in the past weeks. I have significant progress tho! The gas tank is out, I have the rear battery rack designed on it's at the welder and I have gotten my coupler and small plate!

Here I have the motor mounted to the small plate and the couper attached to the motor and flex plate. The plate and the spacers are having 1/2 inch holes drilled in them and then I have to work on the larger plates.

And here is the rear battery rack laid out in the driveway. It will be going over the spare tire compartment, as close to the rear wheels as possible for the best weight distrobution. The rack will hold 5 batteries, and I will have three maybe, four in the front depending on what fits once the motor is in. When I get it back from the welder, I am going to paint it so it won't rust and so i t will look decent when I show off the car to people.
Now I am doing the final cleaning out of the car, removing excess small plates/heat shields, gas lines and a basic washing on the interior. I removed the rear seats to get to the gas tank, so I have to put those back in.
I am hoping to have the motor mounted into the car this week, but we will see. Once the motor is in, I can have everything wired in a day. Then all I will need is the batteries, chargers and front battery rack.


Justin Sawell said...

Looking good! Can't wait to have my motor and adapter set up on the bench like you have in that pic.

How thick is that adapter plate and is it the same thickness as the plate you will use in the car?

David Harrington said...

That small plate is 3/4 inch thick Aluminum 6061, and I will be using a larger 3/4 inch plate and another 1/2 inch plate on the transmission. Then there will be 1.5 inch spacers between the motor plate and the transmission plates.