Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's all in the Details

Just when you think you solved all the hard parts, something else comes along and reminds you of why not many people attempt these kind of projects. Last night we drilled four holes and today I planned on drilling out the spacers. Well, about 1 inch into the spacer the bit got stuck. That was 6 hours ago. It's still stuck in there.
So my options are: 1) wait for my dad to get home and find a way to get it out, 2) Bring it to the machine shop with my pride jammed in a little tic-tac box, 3) blast it out with a model rocket engine (well, might not work but would be sweet to watch) and 4) scrap both of them and get a new bit and a new spacer.

1 comment:

snjschmidt said...

-clamp the block in a vise
-Spray some penetrating lube on the drill bit into the hole
-heat the block up with a propane torch
-use a vise grip on on the drill bit shank to turn dill bit reverse (out)

next time use some cutting oil or at least WD40