Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I bought 8 Schumacher SC-600A chargers on eBay today. They are 6 amp smart chargers, while not the fastest thing in the world, it will get me started. My budget (pocket mulah) is getting low, and I picked these up nice and cheap at $100 for all 8 inlcuding shipping.

Today I also build another controller circuit, this time using a PIC processor and a 16 KHz frequency so it can't be heard. My other controller used a discrete hardware setup, but had an audible 2 KHz frequency. I will keep the old board in the gloved compartment as a backup in case anything goes awry...

Tonight my dad and I drilled a few 1/2 inch holes in the motor adapter plate to see how easy it is, and it was a breeze. Tomorrow I will mark up all the bolt holes on the larger plates and drill those, and also drill the holes in the spacers. It's coming together really fast and I might just have the motor in on Monday since I will be going away this weekend.

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