Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Change

After more research, mainly on powering the accesories, I have looked back into my motor choice. The ADC A00-4009 is a single shaft motor, which is fine for driving the car, but leaves me looking for another motors for the AC compressor, power breaks and power steering. So I am going back to the drawing board, and after more research for the ADC L91-4003 that has two shafts on it, and it can take more power to improve efficiency and range. The actual cost of the motor is cheaper than me using the A00 and a second 1HP scooter motor system for accesories and powering the car.

I can run the ADC at 84 volts, which is the max of this controller, but the motor can be run up to 120 volts, and some people say 144 volts for more HP. So that leaves a future upgrade nice and easy, maybe when this current pack of lead-acid batteries die out, I can go for a 120 volt Lithium-Ion system and a higher end controller.

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