Saturday, November 3, 2007

EV Resources

I think it might be a good idea to list my resources, since I haven't yet. All of these websites I have found extremely helpful. Photo Album of hundreds of EV across the world Conversion blog by Jerry Halstead- Extremely detailed and useful EV Calculator, and the most useful tool I have come across so far.

It's raining again, so I am taking a stab at the ATX power supply daisy chaining. I have two ATX PSUs, and I have modified one of them with the removed ground and plan to test it tomorrow outside when the rain stops in case anything happens. I still have to wire the PSUs up to each other, and create a power switch. Tomorrow I plan on hooking these up, and setup the volt meter and a video camera to record this. If it works, then I am on the right track. If this goes up like the 4th of July, then I will have a very sweet recording.

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