Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, all I have to say is that's its a good thing that I have not purchased any main parts yet. I decided to take some measurements of the engine compartment, and to my dismay the L91-4003 DOES NOT FIT! There is only 19 inches from the tranny to the wheel well, and the motor itself is 18.57 inches, and that does not include the adaptor plates and coupling, which is at least an inch, and I think 3 inches will be the real plate.

So, I am sticking to the A00-4009 as it is the only affordable motor I can find that will fit. I have also decided on AGM batteries for the fact that they are maintenance free, and also they are safer in case of an accident. I just need a Costco trip to check battery prices and see what else the offer that might help me out.

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