Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Metal Puzzle

I have finished cutting and drilling the plates, and aligning them! It took me longer than I thought because my coupling insert was somewhat defective. All the holes need to be drilled slightly larger, and it took me about an hour of attempting to put the system together to figure that out.

I am still hoping to get it driving this weekend. I need to make the motor mount and crimp some new cables. Of course, now that I am ready to assemble the EV, it decides to rain all week. I will be setting up a tarp so I can work on it, and some parts like the crimping of the cables can be done inside. This is what I the plan is:
- Install FB1-4001A and mounts
- Install new main line cables
- Install Control Tray and test
- Update Kelly KDH09401 program
- Drive!


r1c4rd0 said...

I'm hoping it all goes well.
I'd like to see some videos of it once it's finished and you get it to work.
Anyways good luck.

David Harrington said...

Once it's going I will definitely make some videos of it in action!