Saturday, June 13, 2009

Assembly Day One

Today was a full day of EV work. It took way longer than I hoped to get the motor in. After getting the plates on the motor, and the motor hoisted up and car aligned, I found out that the motor was too big to be dropped down! So I have to remove the plates, and then lower the motor into the bay onto the ground, then add the plates again. Then came the aligning which did take a while, but the real pain was the two little bolts on the coupling. I spent two hours trying to bolt those little suckers, but I finally got them in. The whole setup spins by hand beautifully so I built the motor mount.

I did get what I wanted down today, and the new motor looks really good in the car! Tomorrow I will be installing the control tray and finishing everything up and through the car on the charger. I am guessing I have about 2 hours of work left before it will be drivable, so the morning should be busy.

I also made myself a checklist to be safe. I am glad I did it because I was so close to missing a few on the little things.

  • Bolt Flex Plate to Torque Converter - Done
  • Install main line cables - Done
  • Install motor - Done
  • Install motor mount - Done
  • Install Control Tray
  • Install Precharge Resistor
  • Test Control Tray w/o main traction power (12v test)
  • Check Kelly Controller Settings
  • Hook up Transmission Ground
  • Hook up TPS sensor - Done
I have half my checklist done, and the other half should be nice and easy once the control tray is installed.

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