Sunday, November 23, 2008

Final Testing Stages

We have already determined that this EV will never be "done". My dad an I are always finding ways to make it better, stronger and whatever else. So my goal of being "done" is actually the goal of being able to safely operate the car. And I am almost there!

Today we got most of the battery racks mounted, and tomorrow the last rack goes in. I redid the main cables and tomorrow I also drill in the holes and mount them to the breaker. Then I get a couple of S hooks from ACE to mount the control tray and straps for the batteries.

It's amazing on how many little things you can do and have just about nothing to show about it. But a lot of that those little things got done today. My dad worked on the bolting down the battery racks while I worked on the control tray and main wiring. Right now I am estimating an hour left to strap the batteries down and install the control tray and test the low voltage system. By tomorrow night the only thing I want left to do is the vacuum brakes and blower cooling. Then on Wednesday I am going on a couple mile trek around town to test the EV before my Thanksgiving day voyage.


Fredrik said...

Done or not done... There is always room for improvement! How would the world look if no one wanted things to get better?
/Fredrik (

Anonymous said...

Ahh, never done. My aunt advised my wife years ago, "Oh dear, Jane don't ever marry a carpenter, your own house will never be finished"
Well, our house isn't finished (almost) our renewable energy projects aren't finished , and our electric car conversions aren't done either.
Each is a work in progress and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are never bored, and never at a loss for a project to complete.
That is what makes life fun.
Never did fit into the 9 to 5, I guess 15 years living off the grid would tell you that.
Anyways, great blog and thanks for your posts.
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All the best,
Les and Jane