Thursday, November 6, 2008

Charger Matching

It's raining today so I decided to take the chargers and see why three charge differently than the others. Well I found out. The charger I have are labeled Schumacher SC-600A, and I have three different generations of them. Great, so that means that each generation has a different charging scheme and that leaves me to find out how long each charger takes to charge. They should all be the same though because they are each 6 AMP smart chargers.

And I have a plan on how to do that: I know that three chargers have the same exact charging scheme, so I will use those on the front three batteries. The other 5 chargers will be used on the rear batteries.

This weekend I plan on taking the control board out, build the front battery rack, install the vacuum brakes, and what ever else humanly possibly I can do. But before that I will take the EV out for another drive to drain the rear batteries down and then settle in for a nice full charge and hope it doesn't take eternity.

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Les and Jane said...


That's a pretty good idea, one we have tried ourselves, but the problem is the matching of the charger to the batteries.

It works, but we found that by doing this it was difficult to get our gauge to get us an accurate reading of what all the batteries were, when we were driving. The gauge in the car, that tells us our total charge left.

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Les and Jane