Friday, April 25, 2008

Gas Prices are Criminal!

Well, I just drove by the gas station today, and the current price of gas is $3.57 a gallon!! I still have a few weeks left of the semester and probably going to need another two or three fills ups at bank-draining prices!

So in the past week or so I have had about a whopping 5 minutes to work on this project, and in that time I changed the wire on the PB5 throttle from a two wire to a three wire cable.

Today I hope to work more on the motor plates and adapter, and I am still waiting for a piece of keyway to come in so I can have a better idea of what needs to be done. I have started to make some plate templates out of plywood I have lying around but I think I am going to have to bring the transmission and motor to a machine shop and let them have at it. The real trick is finding a place that wont cost me an arm and a leg. I got a quick quote from a local shop, but I am still going to look around since the end product would cost me more than I currently have.

I also have been recalulating my battery needs, and the battle between weight, total costs and range is being fought. So far, I think the 12 volt is winning with a 35 mile range, 480 LBs of lead and a $500 price tag for all eight of them. Also, charger 12 volts is easier than 8 volts.

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Justin Sawell said...

Ha! Gas prices have a long way to go still... I think you'll get more and more interest in this project as the pain starts to bite and alternatives become more appealing.

Good to see things are moving along steadily. Keep up the good work!