Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Motor Has Arrived!!

The motor has arrived, and I did a bench test and everything seems in order. The motor appears to be in a new condition like stated, and sounds like nothing is wrong. I tied it down to a bench, and then used jumper cables and connected them to the motor and a 12 volt deep cycle battery. The battery is pretty shot, it has been sitting in the basement for at least 4 years, and had a charge of 1.5 volts when I found it. I have been attempting to revive it, and now it holds 40% of its charge, but it might need a water fill up and a few days on the charger to get anything else out of it.

I also have been working on a PWM controller, and I have enough of it done to work on a small 12 volt fan. I will be scrounging for more parts, and I might take another trip to Radio Shack to pick up some higher amp transistors and regulators so I can hook this thing up to the K99 for a real test run.

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