Sunday, January 20, 2008


The EVC-X104 is what I am calling my custom controller. It stands for Electric Vehicle Controller Experimental #4. The first prototype (X101) was not very effective and had a very small Duty range. (Around 80 to 95%) The second (X102) was a slightly better design, but I under estimated the current draw of the motor at 12 volts on the bench, and I ended up fusing my protoboard to some components! The third version (X103) worked great, but was very simple and had no current limiting or any of the features I wanted in my EV, so I moved on to X104 to start to add the great features I want. As I right now, I have my PWM control system and my Basic Stamp controller. Using the Basic Stamp controller as the PWM system takes too much out of it, so I have made a dedicated PWM controler circuit, and the Basic Stamp is going to control the throttle, current limiting and LCD display. The LCD display will give info such as Volts, AMPS, estmated range left at the current speed and a basic battery monitoring system.

Here is the basic specs I want out of this controller:

24 to 84 Volts
350+ AMPS
Inexpensive to build
LCD Status w/Volt and AMP meter built in
Current limiting
Cruise Control
Low/High Temperature Shutdown

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